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H.Stern is a luxury jewelry brand. The company was founded in Brazil in 1945 by German-Jewish immigrant Hans Stern, whose son, Roberto Stern, currently runs the company. H.Stern initially specialized in precious stones before moving to design focused jewelry. The family owned company does not disclose its sales but it has over 150 stores, located in Latin America, United States, Europe & Asia.

A long time ago on the year 2010, a costumer wrote for Tripadvisor about how Hstern sucks: Buying in HStern is the worst thing we did, they have no word, their guarantee does not exist and if you are going to visit their museum, know that they take you with a taxi, but if you do not buy anything or if you claim, as happened to us, for a defective item, they leave it lying on the street.


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"-the basic salary and commission are low and not changing with the working stage. - the work is very seasonal and the sales are difficult as the prices are high and the quality is low. - incompetent management: after finishing the internal management course they are not ready to manage a team of people, not ready to solve any problems arising in the store on their own, they concentrate their attention on the wrong things: e.g. the nail polish of a sales person, while there are no sales and something has to be done about it. - the office employees behave very distantly and look down on sales people, not willing to help when a problem arises -the possibilities of promotion are low and very time-consuming. The salaries then are not worth the responsibility and the stress. - constant and unhealthy rivalry between the stores - can get quite stressful between the sales people during the times when there are rare sales"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no grow opportunity and low salary"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Terrible base salary (consistent and superior sales skills can allow you to receive a reasonable paycheck, though). Petty fights with colleagues and clientele are sure to happen on occasion. Can be very boring when there's no foot traffic.not allowed to sell on the selling floor for the first month."

C. Thompson says

"I had an unsatisfying experience with ImmediateAnnuities. Due to a sales associate giving me incorrect information (in writing as well as verbally) , I initially purchased a policy that was completely inappropriate for the intent of my late father. A specimen policy would have revealed the annuity's deficiencies, but I did not know to request one in advance. After paying for the policy, I discovered the deficiencies myself. The issuing insurance company returned the funds, but my father's estate incurred $2600 in attorney's fees as a result. After Hersh Stern (President and Licensed Agent) got involved, I was directed to policies that met the estate's requirements. To Hersh's credit, he agreed to pay the attorney's fees if I would purchase the two appropriate policies. The moral here? If you have specific needs of the annuity, ALWAYS REQUEST AND READ THROUGH A SPECIMEN POLICY before sending any funds. Do not rely on information you receive from ImmediateAnnuities' lower-level employees. Hersh seems to be very knowledgeable himself, but he has not trained his employees well and their lack of knowledge was very costly to me in terms of time wasted researching and purchasing a policy that, in the end, was completely inappropriate for the objectives of my father's estate."

Kirk Sexton says

"Overall, a pretty good experience. There was confusion at first about Mass Mutual's offerings. I wanted a 3% cola and expressed that at the start. I was informed that a application was forthcoming. Nothing happened for a while so I called back. It was then that I learned, apparently when you learned, that MM wouldn't provide a 3% cola, only a 2%. I think I had fallen through the cracks at that point. Then, partly because of my travels, getting all of the pieces sorted out took quite a while. It was all resolved though and your people are nice."

Norlynn Sagehorn says

"They were easy to get talk to and did as they said and got done what they said they would. After the last person to have any dealings with they were a breath of fresh air."

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